6pm – HiiT Pilates (Suzanne)

7pm – Pilates (Suzanne)

8:30pm – Meditation (Maria)


7pm – Yoga (Maria)

8:30pm – Meditation (Maria)


6:30pm – Yoga (Ian)

8pm – Pilates (Claire)


6:30pm – Yoga (Maria)

8:30pm – Stretch & Relax (Claire)



See live schedule for any special events.


9am – Stretch & Relax (Claire)


See live schedule for any special events.


Gentle, elemental flow

A yoga class suitable for all, come along and learn to breathe, move and stretch. Our teachers hold space with care and work to ensure every student gets what they need, at a level and pace that is right for them.

Sessions lead by : Maria Atherley, Ian Vollum
Regular Classes : Tuesday / Wednesday and Thursday evening.


A safe space for stillness

Inclusive and suitable for all, unravel your busy mind and create peace and opportunity at our meditation sessions. We use a variety of meditation practices including pranayama (breath work), mudra (hand postures), mantra (sound) and visualisation. 

Sessions lead by : Maria Atherley
Regular Classes : Monday and Tuesday evening.


Strengthening and alignment

Join our mat-based Pilates sessions to target and heal specific areas of your body that require deeper strengthening after injury or misalignment over time. Our teachers take a very personal approach each in the class to ensure everyone is safe and working at their own level. Suitable for all.

Sessions lead by : Claire Thomas & Suzanne Lister
Regular Classes : Monday and Wednesday evening.

Stretch and Relax

Deep, purposeful stretching

A beautiful combination of deep and purposeful stretches, targeting specific areas of the body that cause tension and an extended relaxation to ensure you float out of class feeling stretched, chilled and grounded. Suitable for all.

Sessions lead by : Claire Thomas
Regular Classes : Thusrday evening and Saturday morning.

Group Sound Baths

Rest and restore through sound

Come and experience the healing magic of sound. Get comfy with fluffy blankets and pillows, relax, and be taken on a sonic journey. You’ll experience a deep sense of relaxation as the power of singing bowls, gongs and other instruments help you to connect with your body’s ‘rest and restore’ system.

Sessions lead by : Maria Atherley
Regular Workshops : Monthly – see timetable

Small private group sessions are also available – please get in touch for more details.